I’m a middle aged mom living in the burbs. My life hasn’t always been this crazy. 😉

I started this blog mainly for myself. An outlet to express myself and the crazy shit going through my head. Some people may appreciate it and others may not. The greatest part of being me is that I don’t care. We all know we can spend our entire life trying to make others happy and we’ll never be successful. I’m finally OK with that.

The word I’m called that I’m most proud is ‘MOM’. My kids are my life and they are so awesome. I have a pretty awesome dog too. There is this guy who lives with me, I guess some people call him my husband. He’s kind of just there….by his choice.

I encourage anyone who reads my blog to engage me in conversation. I am smart enough to know that a lot can be learned from others. Or if you just need someone to vent to, you’ve come to the right place. Misery loves company….right?